Look who swam into the shop!


We are thrilled to introduce the latest additions here to The Gilded Lily: The Chic Chinook, The Tawdry Trout & The Queen Cod—Three fish ladies that are joining us for the summer.

Together, these three have made quite the journey and are taking a moment to slow down here for the season. They’ve swam through every corner of the shop and perched themselves right into our north window—fashionably dressed in a few of our summer favorites, of course. 

This aquatic group of gill-bearing ladies are making quite the splash this summer with their boisterous personalities and fun attitude. We hope you'll stop into the shop to say hello and join in on all the fun. 

A special thank you to Sara Hasslinger, the talented artist behind these fantastic papier-mâché heads. Sara started Monsterlove (her studio, which is now located in Chelan, WA) in 2002 as a community art project to spark creativity and help participants see different perspectives through creating, then wearing the papier-mâché heads. We are thrilled to have Sara’s work on display here at The Gilded Lily Home and will be featuring another group of her work soon. 

To read more about Sara and her work follow this link to her studio’s website: Monsterlove